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[21 Sep 2005|08:20pm]
[ mood | drained ]

MSI show Saturday.

I am stoked.

and I fucked my beautiful layout up.

So fuck Lj.

I work too fucking much.


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Oh yeah. [07 Jul 2005|10:46pm]
[ mood | stillkindacrappy. ]

Picture for Mike.



I was bored.Collapse )



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Long time no...anything really. [07 Jul 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well Milo never turned up sadly. I got a new kitten named Marley. He looks exactly like Mike's fatass cat for those who have seen it. I don't think I wrote about my new hamster either. I just run a freakin zoo man.

Le animala picturesCollapse )


Glenn is joining the service. I am freaking out but I know it will be really good for the both of us...financially and emotionally. It will make him so much more responsible, and it will make me concentrate more on school and such. I'm going to need some people to talk to when he's gone...I am also going to need a roommate in a year.




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[19 Apr 2005|06:52pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I swore I'd never write in here again, but I am desperate.

Milo is gone.

He's been missing for 2 weeks now. I am flipping out. You have probably noticed the trillions of lost cat signs around town.

I miss him so much.

Call 567-4585 if you know anything. He is a gray and black tabby and his belly is tan.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Your mizzom. [30 Jan 2005|05:09pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I got a mouse.

Her name most likely veill be Thumbilina...Tina for short. Too bad she can't make llama noises.

I bet she'll have babies too because she was in a cage with boys and girls.

I'll EET EM.

Teh behbeh.Collapse )

Shmoopty peupty paints.

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Bound [18 Jan 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | content ]

When the world bleeds perfection

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hsdfksdhfkjshf Bling. [09 Jan 2005|01:59pm]
[ mood | Blingy! ]

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Yep. [26 Dec 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | content ]

New computer...which means I get the old one in my room.


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HAH [04 Dec 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | 'tis cold outside. ]

So I have been informed a certain Glenn Hess has been telling everyone I was the one who wrecked his car....hahaha how about NO. If anyone is under this impression, please be informed that he crashed his own car. It makes me feel peachy to know, out of all people, he would lie about me. and about something so petty! What differnce would it make if it was me that crashed his car? Would it give him more dignity? Would it make him look like less of an ass? HA.

I am so beyond done here.

oh yeah and I have a kidney infection.

Peeing blood clots is fun!

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uhg. [26 Nov 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I was in a massive car accident on thursday. Thats why I havn't been in touch with anyone whatsoever.

Nothing is going on in my life that I wish to write about in here.

I changed my oil and filter today...cleaned the inside of my car out...and gave it a bath...

I'm glad I still have a car.

Poor Glenn.

My neck hurts.

I should go.

The internet is so overrated.

bye now.

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Your Mom. [20 Nov 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

First and foremost, get well soon, Meredith! I love you.
I don't think he likes it.Collapse )

aaaaaaand I hate photobucket, livejournal, and the internet in general.

I am doing ok.

I am glad bj and mere love da kitteh behbeh...I miss him =(
I am glad he went to you guys though.

um...I need to go on a diet.


homecoming.Collapse )

I have nothing else to say.

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hjskjgfsdkuf [05 Nov 2004|12:19pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


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This one's for the record: [19 Oct 2004|08:07pm]
Note to self:
Don't ever give them your soul.
Lock it up inside.
Don't let anyone in.
Only you can help yourself.

Dig yourself a hole.
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[18 Oct 2004|07:53pm]
I hate people.

People suck.

I mean nothing to you.

End of story.
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Take the world upon your shoulders [15 Oct 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | Relieved, but my gums hurt. ]

I finally have one day off. I know it's only one day, but for working nonstop for about 2 or 3 months it is good enough for me. I was wondering if anybody wanted to hang out tonight because I have been out of the loop for so long I don't know what anyone is doing...other than my cat...who is currently taking a shit in his litter box right next to me...and it stinks...really bad...but ANYWAYS.I had an ok day. It started out awesome. I had eggs and cinnamon buns made for me while I watched tv in bed. Then I was late for school for the 9823748th time and got detention. I almost finished my skeleton in anatomy. I had an awesome day in photography. Meredith and I got to go take pictures together. We took framing and abstract pictures. My framing picture was of my hands sticking through bars of a broken window in the guys locker room (which we slyly talked the coach into letting us in) and yeah it really stinks in guys locker rooms and they have scary community shower thingies. I took my first abstract picture of the huge metal stand that the drum major person stands on for band practice. For the second one I layed down on the ground undernieth these glass block window things and took an angle up picture of them. Meredith's pics were awesome too. Her framing one was of her standing behind this palm tree with her hands wrapped around the front and I layed down in front of the tree angle up so you couldn't see anything but the tree all the way up to the top and her hands. Her two abstract pics were of these poles along the sidewalk and tables lined up in the patio. Yeah I got carried away talking about our stupid pictures...but I really liek photography...and yeah. I am entering a bunch of my pictures in the photo contest. I can win a new camera...or money...or other...stuff...OW MY WISDOM TEETH ARE GROWING IN AND IT HURTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ok. I think I am done.

ummmmmmmm....I love my pony! Shes lost over 300 lbs and she has awesome muscle definition. Well none of you would really know about my horse...except maybe Nicole...because shes the only one who has ever even seen her in person. So yeah all my hard work on keeping her exercised is paying off. I know...nobody cares...but oh well.


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Are you ready to be libertated [09 Oct 2004|10:04am]
[ mood | have to get to work in 10 min. ]

I really have nothing to say.

I can feel fall in the air though, and I love it.

Haloween Horror nights on the 30th.

I have mad crazy tennis elbow and I have to wear an arm cuff brace thing.

I guess thats what I get for overworking myself so much.

but I like the money...no I take that back....I LOVE the money.

I guess I really should at least quit one job...maybe...

I am hungry...even though I just ate mcdEEs breakfast. We still don't have phone at my house, so if you need to get in touch with me, leave a message on my cell (538-9743) and I'll call you back.

Happy birthday yesterday to my beautiful Nicol-e mol-e mol-e (I am online at the library and I had to work yesterday so I didn't get the chance.)
Don't get too drunk, and be smart, lovely. I hope my donation helped ^_^

Anyways, not much more to say...I have gotten boring...thats what happens when you grow up and realise you have to support yourself I guess...

Love to all.

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Fairytails dividing, broken wings unfold before you. [29 Sep 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | uh....your...mother. ]

So yes. Hopefully that was our last hurricane. Hopefully. We definitely were double-massacrayed. Our roof is useless, needing to be entirely replaced, almost every large tree exept our oak trees are gone, and flooding almost up to our front door step. Neighborhood canoeing for all! Seriousely. In other news, I got my nipples pierced.

I had a lot of interesting randonm thoughts to share on here, but due to the stress that my parents are putting on me with the cleanup and all, I forgot them.

everything sucks...
and yeah go die.

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I rise up only for you to bury my soul again [20 Sep 2004|08:56am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Mom took the cell phone away so I can't get ahold of anyone/they can't get ahold of me. Sorry Liv, I got grounded Sunday. Long story. I still have no home phone. Bastards. I got a huge sword (four and a half feet long to be exact) and a new ring that is gorgeous. I will have to take pictures once we get phone back. The ring is white gold with two moons and a star cut out of it, and four little diamonds in between them. It is so pretty. mmm and I want to do my sword...like 92875928375 times.

I will try and write again whenever I get the chance ( I am at school)

I miss you all.

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The fallout [11 Sep 2004|02:20pm]
You know you left me like you said you never wouldCollapse )

end you.
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Wow. [11 Sep 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So yes. I am at the librizzle. We just got power back and still don't have phone. Our town got massacrayed. Ashers never called me. I have noone to talk to/hang out with. I have been taking showers outside in my neighbors hose for over a week now. MREs are god. I now have 5 boxes full. I have never been so bored. Right at the moment there are several firetrucks in front of my house because when they turned the power back on it lit some trees on fire and it was making zappy noises and stuff. I called Meredith, Olivia, Mike, and several others but to no avail. I don't know what top do with myself.


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